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Cultural highlights of 1966

TV shows: UK
Single productions
Cathy Come Home (BBC, 16 November). Drama about family struggles and homelessness, directed by Ken Loach and shown in the Wednesday play slot.
State Opening of Parliament (BBC, 21 April). Processions and the Queen's Speech televised from inside the Houses of Commons and Lords.
New shows
The Frost Report, (BBC, from 10 March). Sketches, monologues and music, hosted by David Frost and featuring most oft he future Monty Python team and the two Ronnies (Barker and Corbett).
Till Death Us Do Part (BBC, from 6 June). Sitcom written by Johnny Speight, featuring Warren Mitchell as Alf Garnett. Developed from pilot episode a year earlier. Runs until 1975.

TV shows: US
New shows
Batman, (ABC, from 12 January). Camp superhero crime series  starring Adam West in the title role.
Star Trek (NBC). Sci-fi series, of which 79 episodes are made and broadcast by 1969.

Chronomedia 1966

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