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November 1  US public broadcasting service launches PBS UK channel on Sky and Virgin in the UK.  
November 10 UK government announces that it is to extend tax breaks for culturally British films made in the country until 2015. Films with budgets up to 20m can claim a 25 per cent tax rebate, those costing more can claim 20 per cent.  
  In the UK, 91 per cent of television viewing is live, rather than delayed or on-demand, according to measurement agency BARB. Cable operator Virgin Media, which offers a Tivo PVR box to subscribers, claims 1bn on-demand programmes were watched during the year.  
  Advertisers spend $8.25bn on product placement in US television programmes.  
  There are 63,825 digital cinema screens in the world, equivalent to 51 per cent of all screens, of which 36,000 are 3D-capable. [0084]  
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