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In 1998 the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation gave a grant to continue the compilation and arrange publication of a chronology of the media. This website is the outcome. I am most grateful to the KK Foundation, its administrator Andrea Livingstone, and the trustees, chaired by my long-time colleague John Chittock, not only for the funding but for their patience in waiting to see this website emerge. 
        For this is the most appropriate medium in which to publish a constantly evolving reference work. And, because you can consult it free of charge rather than shelling out for an expensive book, means that you should be grateful to the KK Foundation, too!
         I am grateful, too, to the current and former colleagues at Screen Digest who, through the documentation that we have published over more than 37 years, have made their contributions towards this chronology. John Chittock, Ben Keen, Mark Smith, Guy Bisson, Helen Davis Jayalath, David Hancock, Jonathan Watson, Paul Callaghan and especially Patrick von Sychowski—all deserve their share of credit. Thanks also to the Royal Television Society's Archive Committee—not least for their continuing interest—and to André Lange and Johnny Johnson.

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