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Getting around the site

The contents of the site are listed on the Site map page.
For regular visitors there is a list of recent additions to the site.
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Use the navigation panel at the top of each page to select sections of the website.
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To allow specific themes and topics to be followed, links to previous and subsequent events in a chain are provided by hyperlinks on key words (usually to previous references) and by references in the right column. Within a single year up and down arrows are used.

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Direct browser access to sections
Each department can be accessed directly on your browser by typing the site's URL (, followed by a slash and the keyword for the section (eg, video, quotations, brighton, cinema-television, reference, statistics). These are also included in the navigation panel above.

If you have any comments or questions, please send them. In particular, I am keen to resolve puzzles and queries of my own, notably where different sources give conflicting information—or where I've simply got it wrong. Some issues are identified on the Questions page.
        I would be glad to receive any comments about accuracy, points of clarification or suggestions for improvement, the potential for which is no doubt considerable. Lots of people out there have first-hand knowledge of the events in this register. If you are one of them, or if you have any comments on the topics recorded here, please contact us.

See also References.

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