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Spate of 3-D movies lacks depth

Width or depth? As the Hollywood studios did not know what the public would respond to in the cinema as television started to encroach, they backed both ideas: wide-screen and three-dimensional imaging. We know now the outcome. The world was not ready for stereoscopy. The burst of 3-D production was brief—it was all over in a couple of years and those films that have continued in distribution are now seen in flat versions, except for occasional special presentations.
        Although United Artists—which had only just returned to colour film production in 1950 after a 13-year gap—was first in the field with Bwana Devil, it was Columbia that produced most 3-D feature films, with six in 1953. Universal was the last to exit the 3-D world, with the only 1955 release, the forgotten black and white Revenge of the Creature sequel to The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). The Creature Walks Among Us (1956) had no third dimension (and some may wonder what it had in the remaining two).

Majors' 3-D film releases

Source of data: Joel W Finler: The Hollywood Story, 1988

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