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Complete UK film listing 1947

This listing includes all cinema films trade shown in 1947, as listed in the trade journal Kinematograph Weekly. The practice of trade showing films was in compliance with the Cinematograph Films Act 1927, which introduced a screen quota for British films. To ensure this provision was complied with, all films had to be registered, which could not be done until the film had been trade shown.
        The Act outlawed 'blind booking'. This was the practice whereby distributors could sell a batch of films unseen (indeed, some of the films might not even have been made yet), requiring the exhibitor to take not just the most attractive films. The effect could be to block the opportunities to show British films. After the Act became law in December 1927 films had to be shown to the trade before they could be sold.

The listing comprises the following sections:
British films over 72 minutes' running time
British films of 33-72 minutes' running time
US films over 72 minutes' running time
US films of 33-72 minutes' running time
European films

A statistical analysis of the data will follow.

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