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1920 February 23-March 6, June 15

First wireless concert

First scheduled broadcast
Source: The Marconi Company

The picture probably shows soprano Miss W Sayer, the first person to sing live in a broadcast from 2MT (for Marconi Transmitter) at the company's headquarters at Writtle, Chelmsford, Essex. [Source: ukonline]

The world's first radio broadcast of a musical performance advertised in advance is made on 15 June 1920 from 2MT, sponsored by the Daily Mail. Dame Nellie Melba [right] gives a song recital, ending with the national anthem, into a standard radio telephony microphone and was heard on both sides of the Atlantic.
    In Paris, the Société Française Radio Electrique uses a large aluminium horn to present the performance to an audience and also records the transmission on a gramophone master disc, from which copies are subsequently made.


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