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Dr NICHOLAS NEGROPONTE 1943- ; Founding professor, Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1 The video disc has nothing to do with movies! It is a book, a surrogate book. New York magazine, 17 November 1980
2 People who use their interactive screens to book a salmon-fishing holiday in Scotland might switch on a baseball game the next day to find themselves watching advertisements for outdoor clothing or fly-fishing equipment in the commercial break. Over time interactive television would build up such accurate profiles of individuals from their viewing and buying habits that every advertisement would be individually tailored to meet their wants and needs. One commercial might suggest you book a table at Lutece's for your wedding anniversary tomorrow; another could recommend a Hermes tie to match that shirt you bought last week; a third might remind you that you usually change your car around this time and suggest you look at the new Lexus. May 1994
3 I'm angry with the likes of Microsoft and Apple. They've paid no attention to making computers easy to use. The problem with most computer companies is that they involve one geek making computer programs for another geek. There is nothing for the man on the street. Edinburgh Television Festival, August 1997
4 There isn't a digitally illiterate 10-year-old in the US. Even if they only play Sega or Gameboy, they are used to the technology. Edinburgh Television Festival, August 1997
Jean Negulesco JEAN NEGULESCO 1900-1993; Romanian-born American film director
‘Writing for the new wide screen should be easy,’ I told my scriptwriter. ‘All you have to do is put your paper in the typewriter sideways.’ Well, he didn’t laugh either. ‘New medium—new methods’
Henry Newbolt HENRY NEWBOLT Sir Henry John Newbolt CH
1862-1938; English poet
O living pictures of the dead,
O songs without a sound,
O fellowship whose phantom tread
Hallows a phantom ground --
How in a gleam have these revealed
The faith we had not found.

We have sought God in a cloudy Heaven,
We have passed by God on earth:
His seven sins and his sorrows seven,
His wayworn mood and mirth,
Like a ragged cloak have hid from us
The secret of his birth.

Brother of men, when now I see
The lads go forth in line,
Thou knowest my heart is hungry in me
As for thy bread and wine;
Thou knowest my heart is bowed in me
To take their death for mine.
'The War Films', 1916, inspired by seeing the film The Battle of the Somme
Randy Newman RANDY NEWMAN 1944- ; American songwriter/singer, film composer
1 The world isn't fair and I'm not very happy about that, but I'm not suicidal about it, either. I was trying to think of how many really bad people I know. I could only name two or three. And they are all film directors. Interview, The Times Magazine, 3 July 1999
2 I don't see movies as the great American art form. It doesn't have the achievements that literature has. Even television does better work than Hollywood—TV comedy like Frasier and The Simpsons. I don't think there is a consistent supply of superior product in motion pictures. I'll never do the music for a good movie because art-house pictures don't pay. If I don't make money out of my albums that's all right. But not movies. It's too hard. Interview, The Times Magazine, 3 July 1999
3 Picture a room with a window, a sofa and some chairs, a television turned on for the night. Picture a woman, two children seated, a man lying there, their faces softly glowing in the light. … If we had anything to say we'd bounce it off the screen: we were watching and we couldn't look away. … We got comedy, tragedy, everything from A to B, watching other people living, seeing other people play, having other people's voices fill our minds. Thank you, Jesus. 'My country', on Bad Love album, 1999
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4 There's a story—I don't know whether it's apochryphal or not—my uncle was doing Lifeboat for Hitchcock. ... They're out at sea ... on a lifeboat and the storm is coming and the shoot's going on. He plays something, Alfred does, and Hitchcock came over and said, 'Alfred, where does the music come from? They're in the middle of the ocean.' And Alf said, 'Er, it comes from the same place the cameras come from.' Saturday Live, BBC Radio 4, 5 November 2011
Richard M Nixon RICHARD NIXON Richard Milhous Nixon
1913-1994; US Republican politican, 37th President of the United States
American people don't believe anything until they see it on television. quoted in Newsweek, 2 May 1994
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