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  FRANK YABLANS 1935- ; president of Paramount Pictures 1971-75
1  There are two ways to fail in the movie business. One is by poor performance, the other is by great performance. I think the more threatening of the two is success. source unknown
  2  You can’t resign those jobs. The power is too great to give up. What you do, what I did, what all of us do, is create an atmosphere which leads to the final confrontation. And the relief you feel when it happens is incredible. Being president of a studio means being everything to everybody and nothing for yourself. Of course, after it’s all over, you wonder, where do I go from here? cit. David Pirie (ed): Anatomy of the Movies, 1981
  Sir BRIAN YOUNG 1922- ; Director-General, Independent Broadcasting Authority 1970-82
1  I am afraid that to offer the viewers an adequate choice is to create division within families; the two things are the same thing. Evidence to Select Committee on Nationalised Industries (Sub-Committee B), 26 January 1972
  2  Those inside broadcasting must accept that from the outside we look narrow and cliquish. Royal Television Society Convention, Cambridge, 1973
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