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Every picture tells a story. Advertisement for Sloane's Backache and Kidney Oils, 1907
For sale—one wireless set in good working condition—or would exchange for intelligent parrot. Newspaper small ad, c.1925
Before your children have grown up, Television may enable them and you to ‘see by Wireless’ any part of the world. This will be unending delight for those who live to enjoy it, but they must wait for wireless vision to be perfected. You need not wait more than a few hours for a work that gives you in six lavishly illustrated volumes... Publisher’s advertisement, 1928
Don’t switch the radio on or they’ll never go home. Mullard valves advertisement, January 1931
How can a little girl describe a bruise deep inside? Your daughter won’t ever tell you the humiliation she’s felt in begging those precious hours of television from a neighbour. American Television Dealers and Manufacturers advertisement, 1950
A lion in your lap, a lover in your arms. Slogan for pioneer 3D movie Bwana Devil, 1952
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In the wonder of high-fidelity directional stereophonic sound. Slogan for early CinemaScope films, c1953-54. The line was eventually removed from cinema showcards to satisfy exhibitors who were not offering presentations in stereo.
Free television as we know it cannot survive alongside pay television. Message of a double-page advertisement placed by CBS in TV Guide, February 1958
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