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UK media laws: Guide to presentation

Within each section, statutes are listed in chronological order, giving the following information:

Short title: the name by which the Act is usually referred to, followed by the year.

Chapter (C): identified by the year of the monarch's reign (from 1963 only the calendar year is given) followed by the chapter number, according to the consecutive sequence of Acts passed during that session; eg 15&16 Geo.6 & 1 Eliz.2 c.20 is the 20th Act passed during the session of Parliament which spanned the 15th and 16th years of George VI's reign and the first of Elizabeth II (ie, 1951-52).

Full title: This is given for key Acts only.

Contents of the Act: either in summary or by listing of some or all sections () by number. This may be followed by (numbered) Schedules (Sch.) which usually make detailed provisions about administration of the Act. Original wording is in roman type, summaries in italics.

Statutory instruments (SI): made by Ministers under powers conferred on them by the Act. Until the late 1940s, these were called Statutory Rules and Orders (SR&Os).

Amdt: Amendment
O.: Order
Regs: Regulations

Notes on the statutes are included after the title and are printed in maroon type.


UK media laws

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