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Distribution of box office receipts, Great Britain 1950
  000 000
Gross receipts 105,181  
Entertainments tax 37,200
Net receipts (total remaining for the industry)   67,981
Exhibitors' share after paying film hire 43,838
Amount for division between all renters and producers   24,143
Amount paid to renters and producers of newsreels 2,203
Direct distribution expenses 3,214
Distributors' share (including distributors of American films) 4,197
Amount remaining for all (except newsreel) producers)   14,529
Amount paid to producers of foreign films (mainly American) 10,751
Leaving for British producers    
  of films under 3,000 feet 112  
  of films over 3,000 feet 3,666  


Source: The British Film Industry, PEP (Political and Economic Planning), London, May 1952

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