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Cinema: UK

 Business Monitor M2
Detailed statistics for the period 1965-1984 (own index)

     Number of screens
     New cinema openings 1927-1932
     Number of sites
     Number of seats
         average number of seats per screen
         average admissions per screen
         average annual visits per head of population
     Box office revenue
         average revenue per screen
         average weekly takings per screen: British v foreign films 1943-1947
     Average ticket price
         average ticket price in old currency
     American remittances from UK cinemas 1940-1945  NEW 

    Cinema chains
         Cinema circuits 1917-1926 and 1935-1936
         Cinema circuits listing 1914-1945
         Cinema circuits listing 1945-1969
         Cinema circuits profiles

         Frequency of cinema visits 1947
        Young people
             Children 1946, 1949
             Adolescent attendance 1948

     Number of cinemas by region and new builds 1930
     Cinema revenue by type and size of community 1948

Cinema statistics: international

Much more to come!