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Film UK top 100 film releases 1932-1937

The charts show the origin of the films for each year in the top 50 places in terms of box office success and the next 50 (ie, ranking positions 51-100). Clearly US releases dominated with an average of 61 films in the top 100 over the six years analysed.
        Overall, British films took up to a quarter of the ranking positions. However, it is apparent that they were more successful in the top 50 places than in the next 50, suggesting a wide spread of popularity. This was, after all, the period of the 'quota quickies'.

US majors: Columbia, MGM, Paramount, RKO, Twentieth Century-Fox, Universal, Warner
UK majors: Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC), British & Dominions, Gaumont-British/Gainsborough, London Films (including Denham, Saville and Pendennis)

Source: adapted from John Sedgwick: 'Cinemagoing Preferences in Britain in the 1930s' in Jeffrey Richards (ed): The Unknown 1930s. An alternative history of the British cinema 1929-1939, London: I B Tauris & Co, 1998, using data from Kine Weekly 1932-1938

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