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Film Film

Number of British films produced
Number of British films trade shown 1919-1928

 Origin of top 100 releases 1932-1937
UK film releases 1947
Universal releases of British films in the US 1951-1953  NEW 

Film registrations 1929-1934: The transition to sound  NEW 
Film registrations 1945-1985: British and total
Film registrations 1945-1985: foreign
    British and American film registrations as proportions of the total
    British film registrations compared with the quota
Film registrations by Hollywood majors, 1934 v 1951

 Feature film classifications
     Classifications as proportions of all films classified

Distribution of box office receipts 1950 (table)
Distribution of box office receipts 1950 (graphic)
Percentage distribution of box office receipts 1950-1956
UK overseas film and television material transactions
Central Office of Information budget 1958-1965

UK film stock imports 1922-1924  NEW 

Much more to come!

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